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Everyone knows aloe vera contain healing and anti-inflammatory that can be used for sunburn and inflamed skin. But, there are many other ways to use aloe vera gel. Find out why this should be a staple in everyone's home.
1. Moisturizing Cream
Mix it with essence oil such as tea tree, rose hip or witch hazel as a skin moisturizer.
2. After-shave moisturizer
Our skin becomes sensitive after shaving, use aloe vera to relief and protect.
3. Makeup Base
Using a 2:1 ratio, mix foundation and aloe vera gel for a smooth makeup application
4. Relax swollen eyes
Soak the gel on a cotton pad and place it onto your eyes. Relax for 5-10 minutes and remove it.
5. Nail Essence
Strengthen and give your nail a healthy shine with aloe vera gel.
6. Mask pack fo sunburns
Place aloe vera gel in a cotton sheet mask and let it sit on your face for 15 minutes.
7. Hair Treatment
Use it as a hair essence for damaged, split ends.
8. Cooling Mask
Store aloe vera in the fridge and use it for contracting pores.
9. Mosquito Bites
Use aloe vera gel to ease itchiness and swelling from any bites. Reapply as needed.
In addition to split ends, aloe vera also calms itchy scalp!
I love aloe! It has so many uses and I always make sure to have a bottle in my bathroom and a travel size one!