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From the land of 'PonPonPon' and squid ink Whopper burgers comes the latest viral sensation hailing from Japan.
Meet Ladybeard, an Australia-bred bearded cosplayer now making it 'big in Japan' with Ladybaby, a J-Pop metal group that's been dubbed 'Babymetal's newest threat'.
Their music video, which came out this week, is all about the wonders of Japanese culture, and is admittedly charming as hell.
Ladybeard got his start as a professional wrestler in Hong Kong back in 2009, where he came up with the stage name 'Ladybeard', pigtails and an assortment of dresses being his fighting trademark.
He launched a heavy metal career in Japan back in 2011. But eventually, he also grew popular as a celebrity cosplayer and 'pin-up model' for an assortment of commercial work.
(No, seriously. He released his own modeling DVD last year. Like, you can buy this.)
This may all seem a little silly, but in a recent interview with the Japan Times, Ladybeard had some pretty motivational words:

"Do your thing, don’t worry about what everyone else wants you to do. Do what will make you happy. Think carefully about what happiness means to you before you commit to a decision. But once you have decided exactly what you want to do, do it with everything you’ve got!"

You didn't think you'd get inspired by a bearded man in pigtails today, did you?
So this might be a little (or a lot) silly, but I think you can also take it as a pretty inspiring story of a man out there living his dream. Even if his dream is to wear maid dresses, wrestle, and sing Japanese metal songs.

You go, Ladybeard Coco!

It's cool he's happy to do his own thing, but I'll admit I find it... Odd!?! Still whatever floats your boat, kinda funny this is from Australia as quite a few people here would probably use a lovely chain of expletives to describe how weird they think this is, yet still support him at the same time XD
lols its weird for sure but hell yeah i did enjoy watching the mv and I really really wanna wanna go to japan now lol :D he sure is good at what he does
@netchtiBates SAME. I'm like "...I kind of want to go here now...
@danidee I have to admit I find the chest hair with those outfits a little disconcerting... XD
@jiggzy19 @MattK95 I hope you enjoyed the pictures. IT WAS SO HARD not to cover this entire card up in pictures.
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