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WTF?! Japan's Latest Pop Star Is A Pro Wrestler In Maid Cosplay
From the land of 'PonPonPon' and squid ink Whopper burgers comes the latest viral sensation hailing from Japan.
Meet Ladybeard, an Australia-bred bearded cosplayer now making it 'big in Japan' with Ladybaby, a J-Pop metal group that's been dubbed 'Babymetal's newest threat'.
www.youtube.com1DAA50E1-0355-420D-A1AD-2C244287F3DCCreated with sketchtool.
Their music video, which came out this week, is all about the wonders of Japanese culture, and is admittedly charming as hell.
Ladybeard got his start as a professional wrestler in Hong Kong back in 2009, where he came up with the stage name 'Ladybeard', pigtails and an assortment of dresses being his fighting trademark.
He launched a heavy metal career in Japan back in 2011. But eventually, he also grew popular as a celebrity cosplayer and 'pin-up model' for an assortment of commercial work.
(No, seriously. He released his own modeling DVD last year. Like, you can buy this.)
This may all seem a little silly, but in a recent interview with the Japan Times, Ladybeard had some pretty motivational words:

"Do your thing, don’t worry about what everyone else wants you to do. Do what will make you happy. Think carefully about what happiness means to you before you commit to a decision. But once you have decided exactly what you want to do, do it with everything you’ve got!"

You didn't think you'd get inspired by a bearded man in pigtails today, did you?
So this might be a little (or a lot) silly, but I think you can also take it as a pretty inspiring story of a man out there living his dream. Even if his dream is to wear maid dresses, wrestle, and sing Japanese metal songs.

You go, Ladybeard Coco!

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