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Only got into Kpop last year but I've gotten addicted to BigBang *^▁^*ヽ(´▽`)/
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매우 감사함니다 *^▁^*
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It's hard not to be addicted!
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What was the song that sucked you in? For me it was O by TVXQ waaaaaay back in the early days hahahah
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Lol it actually wasn't a Kpop song that got me, I was watching a Chinese language drama and I loved the beginning song (Drama is called love around, If interested) It was by Bii called come back to me, naturally I was watching the video on YouTube so just like anytime your on YouTube you get sucked into other videos, So after a few of Biis songs I ran across Fantastic baby by BigBang and was totally avoiding it at first but after awhile I was like why not lol and it was a tumble weed effect after that ::>_<::~^O^~≧﹏@kpopandkimchi
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