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Can you do some awesome dancing or are you more of a rapper?


Are you the oldest? Do you tend to keep everyone in check and on task? if so, you might be the groups leader!


There is a main vocal, lead vocal, and sub vocalist. Main vocal gets the harder notes and usually gets more solo lines. Lead vocal usually gets the chorus and fills in for the main if they cant perform. sub vocals are the back up and help round out the song!


Do you have the best moves? Can you freestyle to any beat? Maybe you're the lead dancer then!


Can you rap clear crisp words? Are you awesome? Maybe you're the rapper!


Are you so hot you sizzle? To sexy for that shirt? To pretty to even? Then you're the visual! congratulations!


Are you the youngest? There you go! haha The maknae is the youngest in the group!


a bonus tittle given by fans to the most out there member. It is ment with love but goes to the weird ones!

The Girl

This is for the fanboys. Are the too pretty with soft features? sorry but you will be the one to crossdress then the need calls!

So who are you in the group?

You can always be more than one! I am the rapper maknae of my group! I might the 4D too haha
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4D rapper maknae and visual and dancer
2 years ago·Reply
4D, Rapper, Maknae, Dancer, and Vocal....gosh darnit....I'm more golden than the Golden Maknae.......//lies to self//. no one can be more golden than the Golden Maknae.
2 years ago·Reply
And....knowing me...I would not be a good leader...I get frazzled quickly.
2 years ago·Reply
4D vocalist :)
2 years ago·Reply
I'm Onew xD
2 years ago·Reply