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DISNEY'S RECESS Opening Theme Remake

I completely forgot about this show, but oh my god!!! I would actually really like to see a full-length live action episode by these guys. Their cosplays aren't perfect, but they're pretty awesome, and the fact that they worked so hard to get every detail of the original recess opening in there is pretty impressive.
^ for those who don't remember the original, lol
this is amazing!! @vulpix this is a really cool card, i love how you put the original too so I could remind myself of the original :) I loved this show, and always wanted to get up to some of the fun mischief the characters got into lol. You're so right, it would be cool to see these guys do full episodes!
@shannonl5 exaclty lol i was really surprised but its so cool. i love seeing people take the time to do stuff like there's no reason really but it looks damn cool and that's enough for me
This is so great! They got so many of the little details down from the intro, I'm really amazed. And they figured out a bunch of cool camera tricks to do the stuff that the animation had.
I loved this show, and 1 Saturday morning :)
Full episodes would be amazing @vulpix @allishaaff I'd love to see a live-action Miss Grotkey (the older I get, the more I love her. The feminist anti-racist comments she made didn't really sink in when I was younger but I totally relate to them now!), and The Ashleys too!
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