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New long board buying need help!
Vote: Comment if i should buy the 2015 Loaded Tesseract or the 2015 Landyachtz Tomahawk. let me know what you think and tips on buying either one. thx!
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and with the tessie also you have to work with your trucks angle because of the rocker on the tessie
rocker locks you in and you shouldn't worry much about the degree change its no more than 5°
I have a truncated tessie. It's an amazing board, super light, easy to carry around, your feet stay locked in during slides. However, if you're pushing for long distances like I do a lot of times, the W concave makes it a bit awkward. After about 5 miles ish, you'll begin to feel the discomfort. That's something you might want to keep in mind if you're pushing.