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New long board buying need help!
Vote: Comment if i should buy the 2015 Loaded Tesseract or the 2015 Landyachtz Tomahawk. let me know what you think and tips on buying either one. thx!
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completely depends on what style of riding you will be doing as @mannith said
2 years ago·Reply
You could downhill on the tessy but it's alot of real estate to work with@AndrewVollmar
2 years ago·Reply
and with the tessie also you have to work with your trucks angle because of the rocker on the tessie
2 years ago·Reply
rocker locks you in and you shouldn't worry much about the degree change its no more than 5°
2 years ago·Reply
I have a truncated tessie. It's an amazing board, super light, easy to carry around, your feet stay locked in during slides. However, if you're pushing for long distances like I do a lot of times, the W concave makes it a bit awkward. After about 5 miles ish, you'll begin to feel the discomfort. That's something you might want to keep in mind if you're pushing.
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