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If you ever want to try the half shave look but can't commit to the dramatic change, I've got an alternative option for you. The faux side shave. This hairstyle is flexible and customizable to your personality. You can switch between the two parts and create different vibes using various braids.

The faux side shave is done by making a deep side part and creating a tight side braid to depict the razored section.

Celebrity Inspiration:

1. Jessica Alba wearing a French braid side part.
2. Sophie Turner with a similar French braid style but extending it to the nape.
3. Nicola Peltz wearing a Dutch braid tucked behind her ears for an undercut vibe.
4. Natalie Dormer adds a plait to her buzzed section.
Other styles include extending the side braid to all the way to the end and giving non-braid section more volume by curling the hair (as seen on Nicole Scherzinger).

You can even make your entire look more dramatic by adding a smokey eye and edgy studs.

my friend has her sides braided. it looks so daring and cool. with it, she has this faux mohawk thing.
I tried this hair once and my bangs didn't go with this style. Maybe if I decide to grow my bangs out I'll try it again.