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I'm in need of help in search of good and epic anime to watch. I've been watching anime as a kid and have seen mainly all the good ones that were well known in the passed decade or so. Still, I know that I had missed some really greats ones out there. The pictures are a few of those that I've already watched or am watxhing at the moment. Feel free to comment any anime serie (s) you would recommend. :) ***Sorry, but I'm not a Fairy Tail fan.
I really loved soul eater, black butler, and theres a new manga out called boku no hero and it looks promising
Fullmetal alchemist, fullmetal panic, ouran high-school host club, code geass, yuyu hakusho, inuyasha, soul eater, the irregular at magic high school, blue exorcist, my little monster, devil part-timer, black Butler, Hunter x Hunter, fate/stay night, gargantia, deadman wonderland, dance in the vampire bund, heroic age, wolf girl and black prince - could go on but I'll stop lol these are a few that I've watched, hope it helps
i like these Nabari no ou, The Devil is a part timer, Shin-Chan, Heavens Lost Property, Gintama, and The K-Project
Oh, I forgot Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works. Super intense shonen anime that's pretty badass.
I've watched a few you and netchiBates listed (I have a range of tastes) and one of the animes I find pretty interesting is one called Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni (it's the first part of a series)
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