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I'm in need of help in search of good and epic anime to watch. I've been watching anime as a kid and have seen mainly all the good ones that were well known in the passed decade or so. Still, I know that I had missed some really greats ones out there. The pictures are a few of those that I've already watched or am watxhing at the moment. Feel free to comment any anime serie (s) you would recommend. :) ***Sorry, but I'm not a Fairy Tail fan.
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i like these Nabari no ou, The Devil is a part timer, Shin-Chan, Heavens Lost Property, Gintama, and The K-Project
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Attack on Titans, Tokyo Ghoul, Seraph of the End are some of my favorites
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Well for me i have seen mostly the ones that were on netflix at some point in time and some might still be there but i know some aren't. Full metal alchemist, inuyasha, school rumble, angel beats, heavens lost property, samurai champloo. I can't really think of anymore but, these are all different in there own way but they all have action and some of them have good love stories as well.
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bleach and attack on titans
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Attack on Titan, Sword Art online and if you are looking for a feel stabbing one its Clannad ;-;
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