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The name (draft) of the second chapter of “ Ushio & Tora” - the famous action manga by Kazuhiro Fujita has been revealed on Niconico Douga – Japan’s popular video sharing website. Until now it is very unusual for a manga’s name to be revealed. Some users have commented that the mere sight of the name on the old brown papers have made them touched. The revealing of the name (draft)is one part of a collaborative project between Weekly Shonen Sunday and Niconico Douga. The project is called “The new century Comic Grand prix”. This project is now calling for applications for the new manga series to be published the first time after 22 years since the end of the manga award competition - “Comic Grand Prix”. Call for applications will be started in February. “Ushio & Tora” is a yokai manga by Kazuhiro Fujita debuted in 1900. Ushio and Tora centers around the travels and battles of Ushio Aotsuki ,who is constantly being stalked and aided by a gigantic, supernatural and sometimes invisible tiger-like monster. It received the Shogakukan Manga Award for shōnen in 1992. It will be coming back after 16 years and will be soon make the appearance in Weekly Shonen Sunday
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