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Photographer Nathaniel Reinhart [http://www.flickr.com/photos/0mega/4455261706/] A shot of Thor's Well at Cape Perpetua in Oregon, U.S. Wow, he was really close for this shot. Oregon has one of the most beautiful coastlines I've had the privilege of seeing. It is really magnificent.
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That would be the craziest hot tub...that was cold! LOL! Hahaha, we're all stalkers here. It's in Oregon. I can't believe I didn't see this when I was there, but the coastline is really long. :D
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yeah, craziest that it would knock your top and bottom off, look at that current, lolz....actually it looks like a hot spring if i didnt know it was in oregon, sorry failed to read your caption earlier......hmm, u must've gone to the wrong coastline, lolz
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Heh, yeah...might be one of those "You enter and don't come back," tubs, lol. Ah, no problem, it's all good. No, I love the Oregon coastline. I took a lot of pics when I was there. I should probably consider putting some of them up.
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yes, please do....i would like to see...i dont have any pics to share b/c i hardly go anywhere except the beach in the summer, i have such a boring life, lolz
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I'll definitely put that on my long list of things to put up on Vingle. Phew, I didn't realize there was some work involved. Not that I'm complaining. (^_^) Nah, I have a really boring life too. I don't usually go anywhere, either. (o^∇^o)
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