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I didn't make this video, but I might as well have because allllll of these quotes as so me! So many sad love quotes from so many of my favorite romantic movies make an appearance here.

Which is your fave?

I think the Moulin Rouge and Love, Actually ones hit me the hardest....when Titanic showed up, I had to pause for a moment hahahah!!
Oh, here's all the movies in order for those who are curious!
1. The Notebook
2. Notting Hill
3. 17 Again
4. Atonement
5. Vampire Dairies
6. Dear John
7. The Notebook
8. Inception
9. Dirty Dancing
10. Edward Scissorhands
11. Moolin Rouge
12. No strings Attached
13. Twilight
14. Love Me If You Dare
15. Titanic
16. One Day
17. Love Actually
18. The Notebook
19. Remember Me