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Giant Robot Fight Coming...YES.
I know a lot of people have been super hyped about the US Women's Team winning out over Japan in the World Cup, but I'm more excited about something else.
A giant robot built in the US has threatened one from Japan. Honestly, I couldn't care less who is fighting who, but the fact that there is going to be a giant robot fight is freaking awesome. But, the Japanese company involved believes Japan is home of the giant robots, and they should win.

Here's how it went down:

First, this challenge video wassent by the US based company Megabots. Clearly, they were prepared to do this. Clearly, they were READY to set this challenge. Clearly, they want to fight.
But what would Japan say....?


I don't know when or where this will end up happening, but I am excited. Giant robots fights yessssss!
OH MY GOD this is the best thing I've read on vingle, ever. I hope this happens.
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If it doesn't happen, the entire world will be disappoint and we can't have that. I think the Japanese robot dude has too much class (I mean really, that response) to let this one not happen @VinMcCarthy
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