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I normally wear my hair down with curls but sometimes I like to dress it up a little bit. Especially when my outfit is plain that day. I know the easiest way is to throw on a headband but most headband hurts the skin behind my ears. Maybe my head is too small but I can never have a headband on for more than an hour. Does anyone have the same problem or is it just me?
Anyways, I found another way to have the headband look without actually wearing one. You grab a few section of hair from behind and make little braids and bring them back up over the crown of your head. Pin them into place and that's it! So simple! You can pull all your hair back or leave your bangs out. I like the latter.
If you're bored with your current hair, try this out. :)
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I lovethis idea cx I have the same problem with headbands
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