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As with other languages, Korean language has seen many newly coined terms recently and '품절녀' (married woman) is one of them.
Here's what our Korean user explained about 품절녀.
품절 itself means 'sold out' For example, KitKat이 품절되었다. (KitKat was sold out)
So like how things get sold out, the term is being used for people. When it is used for a person, it means the person is not available anymore.
'녀' means woman. So if you want to mean 'a married man', you'd have to say 품절남. ('남' means man)
Let's see some examples of how '품절녀' is used.
A: 전지현 결혼했어? Is 전지현 married?
B: 그럼~품절녀 된지가 언젠데. Of course. It's been quite long since she became unavailable.
A: 나 다음달 결혼해: I'm getting married next month.
B: 와~ 이제 너도 품절녀 대열에 들어서는구나: Wow, you are also joining the "unavailable women's club".
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- 몸이 아주 좋으시네요: You have a very nice body.
- 저 결혼했어요: I'm married
- 연락처라도 알 수 있을까요?: Can I get your number?
- 밥맛이 없네요: I don't have the appetite.
Oh yes totally! And just so you know, 품절녀/품절남 is not offensive at all. "이제 품절녀/품절남이 되었다" in fact can be considered a compliment. :)
Spot on! :)
It's implying that that person was once really eligible, but now someone took them off the market?
So this is used in sort of a playful way, correct?