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I just got this app, this is me trying to learn how to work everything and whatnot. What do we do? Just post anything about the main topic?
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@netchitBates, outside is eviiiilllllll!! Lol I also burn really bad during the summer, so more incentive for me to stay inside hahahaha My family has a BBQ fetish though and I have to go to those. There's at least one a month, usually more. *cries*
That's so true! ! But I'm in the middle of a bad habit where I buy take out food D; I get so lazy to cook. My mom doesn't cook. But there's always sinkload of dishes even tho I don't eat. They just magically appear. lol, that's good that you are gonna take online classes. Just remember you have tests and stuff. I always seem to forget when I watch too much kdrama. ahaha
@ErinGregory luckily I'm too dark to burn lol, and my fam is all do different things, I don't go anywhere cause my younger brother who was born last year, he became the perfect excuse to avoid social occasions *^▁^*
@amendasaeyang, I have the same problem hahaha it always begins with procrastination... and then I forget cause I'm watching things or reading.. and then the day everything is due I remember. xD I love to cook, but I HATE dishes. I'm actually working on a ton of dishes right now. I hate dishes :'(
@netchitBates, ahahaahahaha lucky!! I'm the only odd one in my family! So I'm forced to do things and socialize. The last time we had a BBQ they tricked me into giving them my tablet and they wouldn't give it back... my stepbrother started asking me about it and asked about the processor and I was like, fuck I dunno. So he asked to see it and, like the gullible idiot I am, I gave it to him.. and he grinned and handed it to my dad. The traitorous jerk. So I kicked his ass at CAH as payback. Muwahahahahahaha!