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Not sure if you know this, but we actually have a few YouTubers here in our Vingle K-Pop Community!!
Running a YouTube channel providing free entertainment for people, is no easy task, so we want to thank them all by showing our support^^

\(^-^)/ !!!THANK YOU!!! \(^-^)/

Here are the the awesome Vingle YouTubers ^^

(In no particular order)


@KpopJunkiesTV I'm so grateful that you led me to Vingle, you and your channel are just DAE to the BAK!!!
Follow this channel for awesome reaction videos, fancams, K-Pop news and more general awesomeness :D
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마라이라 입니다

@DancingPartyTme I'm so happy that you joined us here on Vingle!!! You're videos are always so enjoyable, and we have the same sense of humor so you always have me laughing ^^ Thankyou!
Follow this channel for K-Pop news stories, and vlogs, as well as a 2PM album giveaway the winner is being announced on the 13th, so hurry and join in before it's too late!!! ;)
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Snow in Seoul

@snowinseoul We love you and your craziness, stay DOPE my friend :)
Follow for K-Pop reactions, shenanigans, and all things K-Pop related ^^
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s.a.e kpop

@saekpop keep it up guys we love your videos and hope to see some more of them soon! FIGHTING!!!
Follow for K-Pop reactions, these guys are totally awesome! :D
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We also have WISHTrendTV here on Vingle, they have an awesome channel that you should all check out! Their K-Pop 101 videos with Kasper are so awesome! but they also do videos on lots of other topics :D
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StarFish TV

Follow for hilarious K-Pop reactions! They just started so show them some love guys ^^
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sahsa love

Folow for awesome dance covers like this one^^
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You guys are all great, NEVER stop making videos :D

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I am huge fan of wishtrend and I will definitely check out the other YouTubers as well. :)
We love you all too our little boo boos! Thank y'all so much for the support, it's been an amazing journey and it always makes us smile whenever people say that they like our reactions. We are super sorry that we've neglected our YT-channel a little bit because of our exams, but we actually graduated with a lot of struggles and now we're ready to jump on the k-pop train and do this again!! Expect a lot of videos soon you guys! I just uploaded one and another one is coming your way!
@SashaLove if you send me the link to your channel I will edit this card and add your's to it tomorrow ^^ it's pretty late here @JackieMurrayCab that happens to me all the time XD
I also have a youtube too I do dance covers. and im a big fan of snow in Seoul
This card is GREAT! I love our Youtube/Vinglers :3
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