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Jennifer Lawrence is the queen of looking and acting effortlessly cool. Not many celebrities can fall during an awards show and laugh it off. She has been rocking in the style game recently while she has been hitting up NYC. Here is a recreation of her sophisticated, yet oh so cool NYC street style.

Boyfriend jeans

The comfy and cool part of this outfit comes from a pair of boyfriend jeans. The best part about boyfriend jeans is that they feel like you are wearing pajama pants, but look way more sophisticated. Make sure the jeans fit on the waist and are loose in the legs.

Black tank top

Throw on a classic black tank top to continue the comfy feel of the outfit.

Black blazer

This is where the sophisticated vibe of the outfit comes in: the black blazer. Look for a blazer that is a little oversized (look for boyfriend blazers) and hits below your hips. Make sure it isn't too big — you don't want it to overwhelm you and your outfit.


Pair your effortlessly cool outfit with a pair of wedge sandals. Look for wedges that have a platform and not a very high heel as they will be much easier to walk in. Try to find a pair of wedges that have exposed wooden or woven soles — the wedges will give your outfit a little bit of a boho chic vibe.


Finish the look off with a pair of sunglasses and a bucket bag and you are good to rock the streets like Jennifer Lawrence and give off that effortlessly cool vibe!
you and me both!
@jordanhamilton agreed! I'm definitely going to be copying this look for myself very soon!
LOVE! Always been a fan of boyfriend jeans and boyfriend blazers paired together. Her effortless style is everything.