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Cat Call (verb) : make a whistle, shout, or comment of a sexual nature to a woman passing by.

If you're a woman than you've probably dealt with this at least once in your lifetime. They stand on the sidelines like black hawks stalking their prey -- waiting for you to ease on down the road so they can whistle and make innuendos that are far from respectful. From 'hey ma' to 'baby got back' -- and those just happen to be the tip of the iceberg, we are not impressed fellas.
The fact that men think women find this cat calling trend appealing is ridiculous. I mean if you're approaching me in the same manner you would approach your pet dog -- you've lost your mind.
But ladies, let's not beat up the fellas too much because surprisingly, some women find this behavior attractive. They fell as though it's a compliment to have a man call them out in public -- they're being acknowledged and in their mind that's a privilege.
It's sad that the days of men showing women the utmost respect are near and far. What drives me crazy is if you don't acknowledge these 'cat callers' in a manner they like then they will immediately go off on you. Like, how backwards is that?
If cat calling is the new way to find love then count me out. If a man is yelling at me on the street whether it's in a positive manner or not -- what will he be doing behind closed doors? There's a right and a wrong way to approach a woman and cat calling is the furthest from right.
If a man wants to approach you and tell you how amazing you look, you deserve to be told in a correct manner. You're not an animal, so there's absolutely no reason why you should be getting treated like one. You're a woman and you have a voice -- use it. The next time you find yourself in a situation where you're being cat called, let that man hear a piece of your mind and don't lay it on him softly either.
If he wants to treat you like an animal -- he needs to be prepared for you to unleash the beast. At the end of the day cat calling is harassment and you won't find love or a relationship from anyone whistling at you while you ease on down the road.
I've experience cat-calling in the south. Lol I sometimes think it's far more frightening and disgusting than the north.
LOL thanks, I mean seriously though -- if a uy wants to treat me like an animal, an animal is what he will get. I used to be so prone to looking back or smiling whenever that happened, but honestly it only ever happened to me when visiting the NYC area. Idk if it's in their nature to cat call or what, but I've never experienced that anywhere else. It's odd and I agree the furthest from a compliment. Try walking up to a woman and addressing her correctly -- than that's a compliment @alywoah
I love this line, "If he wants to treat you like an animal -- he needs to be prepared for you to unleash the beast." I think it's so silly that some men have a hard time differentiating between cat-calling, and a compliment. I've never wanted to interact with someone who has cat-called, ever. It doesn't work. It's annoying. And sometimes it's very scary.
I can only imagine! Hopefully one day these so called 'gentleman' will get a clue.