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One of my favorite female comedians is involved in a pretty heated controversy this week. Critics are attacking her for a specific joke about race that comes from one of the earliest episodes of Inside Amy Schumer:
“I used to date Latino guys, now I prefer consensual” - Amy Schumer
A Twitter critic called Amy out, telling her that as her popularity increased, she should potentially be more sensitive to the influence her jokes can have. Here's Amy's response:
With the increasing popularity of her show as well as the movie she has coming out soon, I think the critic makes a valid point. That being said, I think comedy is one of the toughest industries to work in without stepping on any toes. Plenty of other comedians (Louis CK, Lewis Black, Joan Rivers, etc.) made a name for themselves by offending people.
Her response is perfect in my opinion, but plenty of angry critics are calling her racist and arguing that she should stop her comedy career. To me, that's just ridiculous. She made a joke not unlike plenty of jokes made by comedians before her, and that one joke does not need to be indicative of her personality.
Every joke will undoubtedly offend someone. I don't think we should stop making people laugh for fear of being insensitive. Wouldn't you rather live in a world with humor than one without it??
I think her response to this criticism is totally on-point. she acknowledged what she said and also how she is moving forward and changing certain aspects of her stage presence. I don't think she should keep getting flamed for it.
Yeah @VinMcCarthy I agree with you, it's pretty unfair for her to continue getting so much flack for it. For comedians, not everything is always PC these days...