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Ahhhhhhh tumblr. The popular blogging site that brings attention to fandoms, social injustice, and the inner workings of sleep deprived people through the funniest comment strings known to mankind.
Tumblr is the perfect black hole of procrastination and distraction. I spent many hours in Meteorology 101 (I had no idea Meteorology was weather) scrolling. So trust me when I say I have learned from personal experience that you can NEVER look through tumblr in public.
From the personal account my myself and my tumblr addicted best friends, here is what it feels like to scroll though your tumblr in public.
1. When your super random lesbian fandom takes up your entire dashboard and you just know the cutie sitting behind you can see. But lets be real, fandom over anyone. You just out the brightness down and lower the screen.
2. Speaking of your lesbian fandoms, can everyone just tell that you are gay from your tumblr? OH MY GOD, hide everything and make up fake names to make you unsearchable. No one put your tumblr friends can know. They rock with advice anyway.
3. Speaking of hidden feelings, if my friends even try to look at my tumblr when we are in the same room we are done. So I was having a rough night last night, SUE ME for the heart broken quotes that go on for 30 pages.
4. My god my fitblr looks awesome, but people are TRIPPIN if they think they will get to see my Before picture until I have the perfect After picture. Like BYE, my tumblr security is stronger then Fort one better see that picture.
5. AHHHHHHH PORN PORN IS EVERYWHERE! WHO THE FUCK IS REBLOGGING THIS AT 10AM!? Don't they have workkkkkk? Dont they have classssss? Don't they have anything better to do then shove a whole bunch of "teacher disciplining student" in my dash?
Honestly though, what a basic kink....#weak.
Tumblr has so many weird dark corners. I don't use it really, but every once in a while, someone will link me to something in someone's Tumblr, and I will end up going through that person's entire account. It's like time-wasting crack.
@alywoah RIGHT!! like it is unreallllllll and some of it is like super intense. Sometimes I'm just scrolling looking at like really awesome food and all of a sudden mad penis is everywhere!
It's nerve-wracking checking Tumblr in public. The porn is seriously everywhere on Tumblr.