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Rubie Rose is hotter and more famous than ever thanks to her breakout role in Orange Is The New Black. She's one of the biggest names from the Netflix hit and she's getting more attention than she imagined. She's only 29 and I'm sure its hard for Rose to keep her eyes focused on only fiancé especially when surrounded by American babes.
One of her fans even threw their pink underwear at the star which from the photo was taken in stride with Rose. Rose obviously got a little bit of enjoyment out of it.
And her company wasn't too shabby either. Look how gorgeous these women are. Rose was DJing in the New York night club, Pacha. It's almost comical that someone threw pink panties at her especially since her character has to make them in OITNB. Overall, I'd say it was a good night for Rose.
"When I booked Orange, I thought things were going to change a little bit and I'd be a little more busy, but obviously I underestimated it. I don't think anyone knew that my character would be taken to so well." - Quote from her interview with People


Her fiancé is 26 and doesn't seem to mind Rose receiving a lot of new attention. Phoebe Dahl and Ruby Rose will be tying the knot next year after having to post pone it with Rose's new found fame. Don't worry, we even saw Dahl giggling over the underwear situation.
They look adorable and I hope the fame won't distract from their relationship!
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I love that Ruby is wearing a necklace with her fiance's name on it. It's like a couple tattoo without the commitment.