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Welcome to Reynosa, a quaint but bustling Mexican village sitting just below the border from Hidalgo, Texas. Industry and trade between the two neighboring economies has helped Reynosa become one of the largest cities in the country and the third most populated on the US-Mexican border.

Oh, whoops. Did I forget to mention they hate Donald Trump?!

(Yeah, apparently you can't really get away with calling the Mexican people "drug runners" and "rapists" without getting turned into a piñata these days.)
Reynosa-based artisan Dalton Ramirez (pictured above, with awesome goat shirt) has seen his piñata business take off since he began selling these part effigy, part best party favor ever Donald Trump piñatas.
And really, who doesn't love a game of 'Bat the Billionaire Bigot'? Look how these American ex-pats spent the 4th of July, for example:
The piñata, sold exclusively at Piñateria Ramirez, is priced at around $40 a pop and doesn't seem to be falling short in demand.
In an interview with Time Magazine last week, Ramirez even boasted: "This one especially is the one EVERYONE wants to break!"

I guess what he's trying to say, in 'The Apprentice' terms, is...

lol no thanks
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@LizChim6485 Do you want oneeee??