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Hey, Ichigo, we just want to start this off by saying that we love you, and this is a safe space. We want you to know that from the bottom of our hearts.
Okay, with that being said, let's begin.
You see this image, Ichigo? I hope you recognize it. This is the moment where we were all prepared you lose you.
No, no, don't be sad.
When we say 'prepared' we really mean that we had come to terms with the way things were, and we were ready to see you off, to go to the shore where Naruto and Goku await you. You had assumed your final, ultimate form in order to defeat Aizen, and you did it with such aplomb.
And because of it, we lost you. You lost your shinigami power, but you defeated the greatest evil. You toppled a god. Then, in one last chapter, we see you, alive but without your power, as Soul Society is putting itself back together. We see you as you began, talking with Rukia as she breaks the news to you. She fades from your vision, and it is over.
Or at least, it should have been. Instead, the story carried on, and introduced a clumsy new attempt at powers being reinstated through the Xcution team and their fullbring power. And now again with the Wandenreich arc that is currently ongoing, there seems to be no end in sight for you.
Why do they keep making you trudge on, Ichigo? What is the end-game for Kubo? Why do they insist on putting you through continued trials after already defeating Aizen at the (apparently not) peak of your power?
We lament the fact that you have not been given your rest, and we lament that you were denied a logical ending. We will do our best to keep interested in you, Ichigo, because we love you. But for god's sake, please just stop.
@allischaaff yeah, at this point the whole manga seems to be past their utility or effort margins. thanks for the comment, I really wanted to try a different approach to the criticism.
I'm sorry to say but I don't ever want the series to end I'll cry lol
@UrShawol my sentiments exactly! @NishatH I mean, I guess I also like this current arc, because the stakes are so high (plus a dual-wielding ichigo!) but the way that the Aizen/arrancar arc ended felt so natural and organic that it was hard to accept it continuing.
I hated the Xcution arc, but I'm grateful that he got his powers back (in whichever way) because I'm enjoying the current arc, with Ywach and Squad Zero. I think it's eventful and I'm glad the series will be able to finish after this arc, on a happy note I hope.
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