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Meet Dylan Efron, Zac's younger brother.

It's no doubt that every girl has already fainted looking at these pictures. Girls and gay men are swooning, guys are envious, and the world is just impressed at how well Efron's parent's genes did. But the funny part about this picture is that many are taking a strong look at Zac's brother. There is nothing better than brotherly love but Zac might get a little jealous that people are commenting that Dylan is 'hotter.' Only in Hollywood would the media try to pit two brothers against each other.
Dylan penned this poem when he was in 6th grade. Dylan is now in his 20s. The poem actually shows a really interesting insight on the poor kid's life. He calls Zac the 'Queen' but then later says that, "I guess he isn't that bad". Hmmm well from their recent Instagram pic, it looks like they are getting along just fine. And as Dylan said, "Brothers have to fight, I think."


Here's a few pictures of the siblings through the years.