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When I started driving this car, my car, for real, I realized I am a truly bad driver. I do not know where to turn left and where to turn right anymore. Damn, I am not even sure if I know where left, and where right is for that matter. Therefor you have to imagine in what kind of situation I find myself every time I approach a crossroad. As a result, I always go straight. Visualize, what would our drive look like, if we would not take any turns? It looks, as I have not learned how to put the car in reverse. Nevertheless, you see, sometimes you just have to go backwards. I presume that is not an option for me, considering I am not able to do that. Moreover, when it comes to the roads… I am fully aware that there are countless different types of roads out there; however, I do not seem to see any massive differences between them. Not how expanded they are, not how strong they are lightened. Nothing. That is why my way of driving is constantly the same. Usually, my biggest issue is speed. I have a feeling that I am always in a rush. In addition, rushing becomes a gigantic problem, when days are stormy, or even just rainy. The most important thing is that is not only my life I am constantly risking. Sometimes I seem to forget there are other people in my car, driving with me. Every single one of them decided to join me on this ride on their own. God, how much they have to care about me, since they know, I am a bad driver. In a way, I think they knew that long before me. However, sometimes I forget about them. It is probably because I am usually the one, who does all the talking. They are just sitting there, listening to me. I know that makes me selfish, but I cannot say I have known that all along. Sometimes I wonder if I would do the same for them. Of course, I would. I am trying so hard, but the thing is; even if they want me to, somehow they do not let me anymore. I guess I missed all my chances. However, do not get me wrong, I blame myself for that. I am the driver. I drive the car. Yet, I do not see anything that I can do about that now. All I know is that I am not a good driver anymore. Actually, I am not even sure if I ever was. It may be possible I have had problems with all the things written above since always. Maybe it was always the other people, who made my awful way of driving, somehow work. Therefore, I think we all agree it is a good thing that now, there are others, who drive my car. And me? I am all right with just being one of the passengers in one of the backseats.
@rodiziketan naturally! but even on a surface level, I like the insights and queries here.
Thank you, but of course, there is whole other "metaphorical" meaning behind it.
I like the sincerity of this. it reads like thinking aloud, and that resonates with me. I don't drive, myself, but I can imagine these being thoughts of mine if I did.