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Panic! At The Disco had a first today as they released their new video Halelujah on the tech/social site Mashable, which specializes in Viral content.
A combination of beautiful CGI landscapes and an obvious call out to the viral game app, "Monument Valley", which was also featured in the Netflix hit, "House of Cards".
The single itself is a soaring rock track with some gospel influence, just based on the title. It's a classic Panic! chorus complete with mixed metaphors and some cosmic vocal runs by lead singer Brendon Urie.
Though Brendon is the last surviving original member, he reconstructed the sound of Panic yet again, engaging with horn lines, big drums and catchy lyrics fit for anyone's new music playlist.
Brendon seems to be following around the Princess, Ida from Monument Valley and the coloring in the video is absolutely breathtaking. Get lost with this new video and single.
The new Panic! At The Disco album doesn't have a release date, but hey! At least we have the single.
Same here @boisterousBunny their new album is going to be incredible. Have you heard the other singles?
that song is great, @TessStevens
I KNOW RIGHT! I love that song. Vices and Virtues is tops. My favorite right now is "Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time"
omg, Panic! is the best band ever. my fav. song is hurricane. hbu, @BoisterousBunny?
@TessStevens yes I have :)
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