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The Mets beat the Giants last night 3-0 on the back of a Jon Niese gem and a RBI double by former Giants farmhand Johnny Monell. With the win the Mets move to 43-41, 3.5 games back of the division-leading Washington Nationals.
Last night's game also completes the suspension of reliever Jenrry Mejia, who had been suspended all season for violating the league's substance abuse policy. He never admitted it, but the conclusion is pretty clear: Mejia was on steroids. The juice. The sauce. The stuff. 'Roids. You know.
But now he's clean! Allegedly. And he's one more thing, too: really, really fuckin' good.
Mejia was the closer last year, but his suspension led the way for Jeurys Familia to take over, and he's been a messiah. 23 saves in 25 chances, an ERA of 1.13... Familia could be on his way to the All Star game, too - he's vying for the final NL spot right now.
So Mejia certainly isn't taking back the closer role - that much is clear. Let's take a look at the rest of the bullpen:
Carlos Torres
Alex Torres
Bobby Parnell
Hansel Robles
Sean Gilmartin
Logan Verrett
This is one of the problems with carrying a six-man rotation; there isn't much room in the bullpen. Parnell isn't going anywhere, and nor is Gilmartin - he's the only reliable lefty in the pen.
Carlos Torres is a veteran, and he's not going to the minors.
The coaching staff loves Robles too much (for good reason - his stuff is nasty) to send him down, even though he's struggled.
That leaves us with Alex Torres and Logan Verrett. Torres is definitely the worst pitcher of the lot - he's an absolute disaster, and he's good at essentially nothing, but he's got a big contract, and sending down a player like him is a tough thing to do. Verrett seems to be the logical choice, because he was a stop-gap kind of guy when he came up, but he's been SO good. In 6 appearances, he's pitched 12.1 innings and allowed just 4 hits and just 1 run. It's hard to send a guy like that down.
For me, the choice is obvious. Install Mejia as the 8th inning guy, and send Alex Torres as far away as possible. He's a walk machine, he's a lefty who can't pitch to lefties, and he's just terrible, in general. I know contracts are a major part of decision making, but if he's not getting it done, he's not getting it done.

Who do you think the Mets should send down for Mejia? Are you ready to welcome him back after his suspension?

Wasn't Parnell the closer a year or two back as well? All of these arms brother, you keep fighting me on this, but the writing is on the wall.. They have to move a couple of these guys and get some bats in there. Teams would give a lot for a strong reliever or two
@christianmordi yep. Parnell was a great closer before Tommy John. Then Mejia stepped in, then Familia. Parnell is back now and he's looking good, despite a huge drop in his velocity. I'll write a card today about pitching and where I think it should go- stay tuned.