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She is not letting this one go!

Idina Menzel, Broadway's sweetheart, has officially become equivalent to pop star status thanks to her 'Frozen' success. Not only did the musical movie bring her to mega fame but it also allowed her to cross over from Broadway to the Billboard Charts...something usually unheard of. She will be starting her 40 show North American Tour traveling to cities such as Richmond, Philadelphia, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, and Washington D.C. Her tour will be completed on Oct. 3rd at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Her tour would be very comparable to Adele's, one that is focused on just her voice, no crazy gimmicks and props.
"It's amazing to go into new territories and have people buy tickets to your show that you never knew in a million years would know your name." - interview response
Obviously she will be singing 'Let It Go' from Frozen since it hit No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. She'll also take a step back to her earlier music and Broadway characters. She will be featuring pieces from "Wicked" and "If/Then". She will also be singing some songs from her former albums that she hasn't been able to perform. She is still unsure as to if she'll make new music after her tour. Menzel is multi talented starring in multiple broadway shows as the lead and instead of slowing her career, Frozen has rushed her to the forefront of success. Frozen 2 will only be more success for her.

A side note :

Personally, I've actually met Menzel in person. It was incredibly brief as I stood outside the stage door awaiting her to come sign autographs after her If/Then performance. To be honest, I was completely blown away by how great the show was and of course, I was so excited to meet the Broadway star Idina Menzel. But as they say, You should never want to meet you idols because it utterly leaves disappointment. And WOW were they right. Before she walked out, they told all of us that we could not get pictures with her and that we had to stay away. At the time of her walking outside, she was definitely a much a bigger star since she had just debuted on Frozen however she wasn't a movie star and she hadn't been in the news too much yet. Yet she was incredibly unfriendly and had a scowl on her face the entire time she signed autographs. I've never sympathized for celebrities despite how annoyed they may feel after being bombarded constantly with requests for autographs and selfies. I remember her giving an uninterested 'Thank you' when people gave compliments. I've met many celebrities at the Broadway stage door and she could have been the worst one I've ever met in person. There is nothing I hate more than a celebrity who has a chip on their shoulder. Though I understand her possible irritability and exhaustion, being a celebrity is her JOB and I refuse to feel bad that people are dying to see her and she can't show at least a little appreciation for the fan base who got her where she is. Put a fake smile on. Since then, I've not been a big fan. First impressions are everything.
@nicolejb Maybe, but you only get one shot to meet a celebrity most times and that was that.
I’m so sad to hear about your experience! I LOVE Idina so much :( Maybe she was just having an off day?