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One shade that never gets old is nude.

As much as we love a great pop of color, it's always nice to give it a break and keep it simple. It's subtle and works for every complexion. Nude lips are extremely neutral and can soften any look. If you're going for a bold eye, throw on a nude lip to balance out the two. Nude lips are convenient and casual enough to wear for a quick run to the store, but chic and classy enough to wear for a romantic dinner date.
It's impossible to not find a nude to suit your complexion, but it's easy to choose a nude that isn't flattering or appealing for you. When it comes to going nude, you must first choose a natural color that will compliment not only your look, but your complexion. From peachy nudes to pinky nudes -- there's a shade for everyone. If you want to go the nude route, but don't want your lips to look ashy, allow me to point you in the right direction for the perfect nude just for you.

Fair Complexion: Ladies, it's best to stick to pinky nudes because they compliment the natural color of your lips.

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Olive Complexion: Beige and Peachy nudes compliment olive complexions best leaving behind a subtle glow perfect for an everyday natural look.

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Dark Complexion: Chocolate brown nudes with flex of gold compliment melanated skin best, making lips appear both natural and full.

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