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Shark Week Ahoy! Hangry is defined as being hungry and angry, or having your anger derived from being hungry. Sharks know all about that ish. So Shark Week is upon us, the social phenomenon that captivates all of us despite the whole WTF factor, so here are 5 sharks that get the struggle of being hungry and angry.

1. You first start to realize that you haven't eaten in a while so you start thinking about what you want.

2. You slowly realize that it's too busy at work or school to get away for a bite, so you just hang out for a while.

3. But something wells up inside of you when one of your co-workers asks you to do something you don't want to, and you realize that you're so hungry that you're angry.

4. Damn it you're HANGRY! So you finally get up to go get something to eat, but there's people everywhere, and that just makes you more angry.

5. So you push through the crowds and you unjustly take out your frustrations on people moving too slowly.

6. But when you finally get to your destination, order some food and eat it? Your hanger goes away and all is right in the world.

7. After your hunger and anger subside, you start to feel better, you even look better! So when you get hangry, keep on, because you're only one meal away from happiness!

Happy Shark Week!
Damn, look at that swaggy post-hanger hat.
I was hangry while reading this and my hanger has yet to subside! lol funny card !