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We live in the age of podcasts, which is good for me because I love them. I'll listen to podcasts about pretty much anything, ranging from a heated discussion of Gilmore Girls to a series that debunks scary stories (I highly suggest Lore).
One of my favorite podcasts is Serial, the nonfiction story of a high schooler's homicide. It investigates the potential innocence of the alleged murderer, who has been in jail since 1999 and claims to be innocent.
I was so intrigued by the entire investigation in Serial, and when it ended I was left with plenty of questions and a lot to think about. I searched for something similar, finally finding it in Rectify, a Sundance TV show. It follows a convicted murderer recently released from 20 years in prison after new DNA evidence is found in his case.
Viewers get a chance to see what life is like after being released from years on Death Row. As the main character adjusts to life outside prison, the show flashes back to his time inside prison and the case that landed him there.
The impact of trial, conviction and prison life will remind you of Serial, and the production (done by the guys who did Breaking Bad) is so emotional and dramatic that you really can't look away from the screen.
The first two seasons are on Netflix. Season three premieres later this week.
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The Serial Podcast was amazing! I want there to be a season two. This American Life is such a great production. I'll have to start this on Netflix!
I want a second season so much @TessStevens. I think since it finished there's been some more information uncovered and I want to know!!