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Isn't Lay one adorable EXO unicorn? (He actually calls himself a unicorn!) Let this beautiful fanart of the lovely Lay make your day better! (Also, if you're a big fan of Lay, you should definitely check out @PassTheSuga's Fifty Shades of Lay collection!)
He is such an angel! Look at those eyes!
This traditional Lay one is so beautiful! I especially love how the hair is drawn!
Just Lay casually staring at you. No big deal. (Don't faint!)
Love his hair in this one!
Stuff like this makes me want to try and create fanart!
The smile and the dimples are on point with this one!
If Lay was in an anime, I'm sure this is what he'd look like!
Of course, being the perfect gentleman that he is, he'd bring a rose for you! :)
Look forward to more of this at K-pop fanart! ^_^
@otakulover978 Awww, Kyungsooo!!! :)
@poojas no actually lol mine is D.O :)
omg laaaay
@PassTheSuga Right?? He's such an angel! I mean...unicorn! LOL
These are amazing!
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