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Sons, Brothers, Panem, Sisters, Husbands, Soldiers, Rebels, Activists...UNITE.
The Hunger Games Trilogy is the greatest series of books to ever turn into a movie. The movies have been crazy good and the fan bases surrounding them has been unmatched. Audiences will be brought to the final movie of the series Mockingjay Part II. It's definitely going to be intense and for those people who haven't read the books, they're going to be shocked at the ending result of the story.


You get lost in their eyes. These posters are awesome and I'm obsessed with them. The 8 posters were debuted exclusively for the San Diego Comic Con. Lionsgate is really impressing with these posters that are advertising the movie that will debut in November. Comic Con fans will be able to purchase the posters only at Comic Con before the movie.


The movie will be the final showdown between the 'Girl On Fire' and President Snow. As the rebels take over the capital of Panem, President Snow has many tricks up his sleeve to make sure no one gets out alive. Will the Hunger Games be reinstated? Oh Katniss, the games aren't even over yet. Call this rebellion a LIVE version of the Hunger Games...except this time the arena is The Capital.
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I blame this on the excessive amount of coffee I've already consumed today, but I can't look at their faces without thinking of the Portlandia 'Put a bird on it!' skit.