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Hi everyone! So since I'm new in this community, I decided to step up and do something instead of being a phantom reader hahaha this actually is the exact opposite to my personality in real life... lol....
Anyways, this challenge was posted by @MattK95 and is made by @PassTheSuga and seconded by @aabxo so yeah hahaha...

Fly to Love- Lunafly

So Lunafly is a band under the same entertainment as Brown Eyed Girls, and yeah, all their songs are also released in English so that's also a bonus! *cheers*. I actually like Fly to Love and it certainly has summery feelings mixed in... kinda tropical "I'm-in-Hawaii" feels too... hahahaha.

Slow Boat Home- OST

This is kind of like an OST I guess you could say, but not really... so idk. This is a HK drama and I watched it during my summer there, so I guess you could say that it's summery, but the setting and everything also represents summer a lot so I consider this song as a Summer Song. For anyone who hasn't watched it, I'd highly recommend it, I remember waiting the whole day just to watch this drama in HK!!! It was sooooo gooood... and WiFi in HK was so bad I couldn't rewatch the episodes :( but still...

Uh-Oh - Chloe Wang/Bennet Chinese ver.

Yes everyone, you are correct, this is Agents' of Shield's Skye! I couldn't believe it when I first heard this song lol.. But this song is quite catchy and if I say so myself, her Chinese isn't THAT bad... lol :D ^^

Fantastic Baby - Big Bang

Ok, so who can forget this fantastic baby? Lol I'm sorry, I don't have that big of a sense of humor. So since this song, was my first EVER kpop song, there was no way I can leave this out. Every time I hear this song, it reminds me of the camp I went to lol, I'm nostalgic through songs, which is why I can't have a favorite all-time song lol. Anyways, Summer 2012 was when I first heard this song, so I thought that since I heard it in the summer, I should put it on the list. I actually am not sure when they released this song, but yeah I'm too lazy to search it up right now.

Ghetto Justice Theme Song

So another OST, but this time, it's more of a really fun rap/hip-hop song in my opinion. This show is actually quite funny, but it deals on really serious matter, it's like one of those lawyer shows but yeah. It reminds me of summer a lot mostly because of the fun style to this song. The rapper, MC Jin is actually a pretty good underground/freestyle rapper in the States so yeah...

Tonight- SPICA

This song seriously makes me think of rainbows and sunshine. That's how summery feel this song is. Plus the mv, literally makes it the theme song of summer... haha. But to anyone who hasn't listened to this song before, I would suggest you watch X Unnie then listen to Tonight, because the song is about 100x different if you know the back story and the background info of each member and the song that they wrote with Lee Hyori (literally the goddess of kpop!)
Well that's it for my first major card! Even my intro wasn't that long >.< it literally took me 7 different days to get this up.. haha sorry! Well hope you find something new!
Wow! It's not often I get introduced to songs I haven't heard before on these challenges, but there are three here is never heard before, and I love them all ^^ thank you for participating in this challenge @hcosdenise :D
AWESOME LIST!! As @MattK95 said it isn't often I get introduced to new songs with these soundtrack to life challenges!!!! Thank you for posting this list! I love it~ ^^