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As you must have heard, the USA Women's Soccer team took home 1st place during the World Cup Championship, defeating Japan 5-2! One would think that WORLD CHAMPIONS would be receiving world champion paychecks, sponsorships, free gatorade for forever... and yet this is not the case.
Even though this years Women's World Cup has brought in over 25 million views, making it the most viewed soccer game in U.S. history, the wage gap between the World Champion Women and the currently raked 27th Mens Teams is disgusting.
Yes, I understand that Mens Soccer is watched more (cue eye roll), however despite the exposure and success of the Women's team, the Men's team will still be paid 40 times more, despite their loss in the first round!
According to Mary Pilon and her article about the Wage Gap in Soccer, the salaries of the National Women's Soccer League range from $6,000 to $30,000 with a $200,000 cap. This could mean that some of the players would end up UNDER the poverty line! The men, in comparison, have a pay cap of $3.1 million!
According to Fusion this creates the biggest wage gap in the work place, tallying up to first division women soccer players making around 98.8% less then their male counterparts.
In reference to the World Cup alone, the USA winning women's team will make a total of $2 million in comparison to the Mens team who will make $9 million for losing ($1.5 million of it was just for the men participating).
Im sorry, maybe I am just a little bit confused, but wasn't it the USA WOMENS Team that won? yet by salary alone it seems that just being a man will give you a much better pay out, even if you do lose.
Unfortunately, I can't say that I am surprised. However, Women's sports have been pushed aside for far to long. Hopefully the added attention because the girls team, you know...actually won, will help change the way women and mens sports are divided up!
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Wow thanks @jeff4122 I always assumed the league was in charge of generating interest and making it easier for teams to be bigger sources of income. It's always felt to me like the league didn't invest in any of the women's teams the same way that the men's did.
@shannonl5 Well, that's definitely true. The real trouble is that the women's club league, where they play during the regular season, has almost no fan base. I don't think I could name a single team, for example. it's a tiny league. So that's what really needs to be bumped up to get the game going
Gotcha @jeff4122 thanks for explaining it further! Clearly I need to start getting back into it. I used to play when I was younger, so I went to a few games, but obviously I want to be part of the solution again!
@jeff4122 @shannonl5 I'm hoping this win will lead to a huge skyrocket in fan base !!
That's very true @LizArnone I hope so too!