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Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter is really out here.
On the fourth of July, the Roots headlined a big event in the city. The talented collective shocked the world by bringing out Mayor Nutter during their set. While many expected the mayor to share thank everyone for coming out to the concert, Nutter grabbed the mic and rocked the crowd, delivering a shocking surprise performance of rap classic “Rapper’s Delight.”
Personally, I was expecting him to come on the stage and discuss new legislation.. but ummm, yeah. I mean, I'm not here to complain, every hip-hop fan appreciates “Rapper’s Delight!”
Apparently this isn’t the first time Nutter has pulled this jam out of his bag of tricks. Back in 2010, the Mayor rocked the mic with DJ Jazzy Jeff at the Mitchell & Ness grand opening. Before entering the political landscape, Nutter was known as Mix Master Mike and was a mainstay on the 1′s and 2′s. I guess Mayor Nutter is one of the pioneers of rap culture in Philadelphia. I wonder which track we will see him perform next?
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THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY. I love the Sugar Hill Gang. True story: I bake my pizza to this song. The uncut version is like, 14 minutes or so and a frozen pizza takes 13 - 15 minutes in the oven, so I always put the pizza in and just blast this throughout the house. Also, if Mix Master Mike's taking any requests, can he do 'Apache' next?