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Thanks to @MattK95 for tagging me, and @PassTheSuga & @aabxo for the new challenge idea! If anyone else wants to participate they should refer to this card for the details!
I'm actually really new to K-pop. I listen to a lot of music, but it's been hard for me to find so I'm really glad there's a community here to help give me recommendations!

Gummy- I have loved... no regrets

I really like this song. Summertime music should be really light and easy to listen to I feel. This one is kind of sad but hopeful. Gummy was actually one of the first K-pop artists I listened to (before I knew what K-pop was actually!) so it feels right to put her at the beginning of this playlist.

Kim Ah Joong- Ave Maria

I saw this movie on Netflix a while ago, and I really liked it! So of course this song was stuck in my head forever haha.

SHINee- Sherlock

I love this video! Their costumes, the choreography, and of course the song. It's got such a fun beat. I can imagine a big dance party after a BBQ or something with this song playing in the background.

Zwei- Movie Star

Sort of running out of K-pop artists, here's some J-pop! This is really fun and upbeat, which is usually what I want to listen to during summertime.

Ping Pung- Sha ta sei

I said usually... haha! Sometimes I want to listen to something a little bit rougher. Ping Pung is really good for that, they have this nice grungy sound.

Red Velvet- Happiness

This is so much fun! I love this video, it's really perfect for the song. Colorful and summery and bright. The perfect upbeat tune after Ping Pung.

Amber- Shake that Brass

I'll end this playlist with one of my favorite party songs. I hear it and I immediately begin to smile. I also really love the outfits in the video.
Cool! @StephanieDuong @christy I wanna check all of them out (I know they'll be in the collection but I can't wait!). I'm really enjoying learning about new bands and musicians ^_^
@shannonl5 Eventually! I have to see which songs I'm gonna choose.. But I have some ideas already! I'll probably do it later today. (o´▽`o)
Yeah I will sure @shannonl5 going to publish mine
Awesome playlist!! ( ´ ▽ ` )
wooow cool list give me a fresh breeze in this hot day
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