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Happy, sad, angry or mad? Obama has felt all of them. And so have you! Now, he has also felt some complex moods that you can probably relate to.
Here are some of the many faces and moods of of good ol’ Barack, so he can help you figure out how you are feeling today:

Serious Obama

Something happened today that has you pondering and looking off into the distance. The world is a challenging place and you need to show it who’s boss...or maybe you just need to be a little serious.

Dance Obama

Maybe you just scored a good grade on exam, you found out that your crush is totes into you, or just feel like grooving. The main point is: You are happy and you just want to dance. So you didn’t pass a bill or get the majority in Congress? But hey, we can’t all be the president of the U.S.

Sassy Obama

Someone (Russia) is getting all up in your grill, the cool kids (GOP) are ignoring you, and you just can’t figure out how to deal with all this Obama drama.
So how do you respond? You transform into sassy Obama. You better believe they are going to listen to the POTUS after he is sassy to those trying to get in his political way.

Smooth Moves Obama

You are on fire today. You are ruling the country and taking names. So you show off those smooth moves a little bit, why not? You are awesome.