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taken by Ron Azevedo A view of the Western Sector of Machu Picchu (Peru) and the majestic mountain Huayna Picchu. The Lost City of The Incas was built by the Inca ruler Pachacuti in the mid fifteenth century. It was ultimately destroyed by the conquering Spaniards in the 1530's. Centuries of jungle growth covered the great granite structures & temples, like the castle in Sleeping Beauty, for more than 350 years. In 1911 American explorer Hiram Bingham led an expedition to the Urubamba Valley in search of a lost city of the Incas. He discovered Machu Picchu with help from local indians & his reclaiming/rescuing it from the jungle was well documented & published in National Geographic Magazine. Camera : Canon PowerShot A520 Focal Length " 5.8125mm Shutter Speed : 1/60 sec Aperture : f/2.6
One of my really good friends spent a summer after graduation in Peru and she had nothing but good things to say about the country and people. I'll have to travel there some day
breath taking amazing...