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We've got a star from each industry (fashion, music and film) facing off in a Donna Karan gray draped dress. Each star rocked the same dress, but each styled the dress very differently. Let's break down the looks and determine who wore it better.

Kim Kardashian West

Kim K. (being who she is) went for the sexy styling of the dress. She chose to make the neckline incredibly plunging (I'm pretty sure a few people got a view of her bra). She paired the dress with nude pointed-toe pumps, diamond earrings and a gold necklace. She kept her hair and makeup simple (well, as simple as Kim K. can go).

Leann Rimes

The country singer kept her look conservative. She kept the neckline together and the dress hits a little lower on her legs than on the other two celebrities. She paired the dress with some intricate accessories, including strappy heels, a gold clutch and peach-colored dangle earrings. She pulled her hair back in a ponytail, which looks a little too casual for the dress and the red carpet.

Jennifer Hudson

The American Idol and movie star went in between the conservative Leann Rimes look and the sexy Kim K. look. She kept the neckline together, but the slit goes a little higher on her legs. She paired the dress with simple black open-toed heels and layered gold necklaces. She kept her hair down in loose curls. (I think Jennifer Hudson might have been a little hot or nervous during this event as she has a bit of some underarm sweat going on.)


I'm going to have to go with Kim Kardashian West on this one. In my opinion, she hit the right balance between sexy and sophisticated. The accessories were just enough to pull the outfit together without overdoing it. The dress didn't fit Leann Rimes correctly and the accessories were just too much, in my view. Jennifer Hudson did great with the accessories, but the dress didn't fit correctly on her either — the neckline was a little too high. I do with that the neckline on Kim K's dress was just a little more together, but I think she did the best job styling the rocking the dress. This one goes to the social media and reality TV queen.
I'll have to go with Jennifer Hudson. It's more simply. 😉
Hudson by a LONG SHOT
Jennifer Hudson
i likes jennifer hudson the most too
Jennifer Hudson
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