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The series of Rocky movies have been a staple in American Pop Culture. From the iconic scene that has Sylvester Stallone running up the stairs to the way each movie got progressively more campy than the last and then the way it resurfaced with Rocky Balboa. But it's 2015, now and it looks like Creed, will help usher in a new generation of fans to the Rocky franchise as well as making a pop culture splash of it's own.
My favorite thing about this trailer -- and it seems like the movie as a whole, as well -- is that the focus is not put on the franchise at all. Rocky only shows up in the trailer towards the end and I'm hoping that the movie reflects this as well. By putting the emphasis on Adonis Creed (Apollo Creed's son played by Michael B. Jordan), the film lays the groundwork for a new story and a new character in an existing world. This helps to create a new audience while bringing back the old fans with a recognizable character in Rocky.
It's also really important to note that the film is written/directed by Ryan Coogler (who has worked with Michael B. Jordan before in Fruitvale Station). And even though the trailer is short -- and usually trailers don't showcase the cinematic prowess of a director -- there are still some aesthetically interesting shots throughout. Coogler succeeds at creating and delivering on certain emotions throughout the trailer and I hope the true is same for the film when it comes out.
Creed is slated to come out this Fall (IMDB shows November 25th, 2015 but since the date is so far away that could change to a earlier/later date).
this trailer is amazing. This could be one of the better movies to come this Winter. I like how they bought in the people who worked with Jordan on Fruitvale Station as well, which was an awesome movie starring Jordan
Woot woot another Rocky movie! :)