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I'm back with another edition of Songs of Your Summer, an ongoing playlist that will define your summertime tunes.
We're having some real fun in today's edition, dialing back the clock to some original funk. Early funk, perfect for getting down in the sun. Kind of like that guy!

"Get Up (I Feel Like Being A Sex Machine)" - James Brown

Starting this off right.
I wanna get into man, y'know...movin', doin' it, y'know.

"Family Affair" - Sly & The Family Stone

Slowing it down for a minute before we kick it back into high gear, because:
A) It wouldn't be right to leave Sly out of this, and
B) This song is the dopeness. Dance tune or not.

"Superfly" - Curtis Mayfield

There's no reason to pretend that Curtis Mayfield doesn't belong on this list. It's an obvious choice. And it's so much damn fun.

"Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof off the Sucker)" - Parliament

There's a whole lot of rhythm goin' round, y'all.
Dat bass tho'.

"Get Down on It" - Kool & The Gang

I mean, I'm basically cherry picking here. It's almost too easy.
Do you feel that?
Do you?

That's called the funk.

Them basslines though.
@danidee yo, ain't nothin' weird about getting down with the funk.
I'm looooving this. I used to be weirdly obsessed with funk music when I was a little kid, so a lot of these take me back.
no bad time at all. good vibes!
@jordanhamilton word! glad you liked the list. there is no bad time to listen to Sly... they're my favorite in the genre for sure!
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