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My trip was cancelled so I finished early! Ok so this playlist theme was created by @PassTheSuga and @aabxo and I was tagged by @MattK95 and I really had a hard time with this one because there are so many great songs I could put in here but here are my (difficultly made) choices:
SNSD-Party: Ok this song just came out today and I already feel like booking a flight to Koh Samui to chill on that beach. I feel this song is so enjoyable and light feeling.
2NE1-Falling in Love: I decided on this song because it feels so laid back with its beat so its relaxing and its talking about falling in love (I'm not generalizing from the title). A relaxed summer love? I'm down lol.
F(x)-Chu: I chose "Chu" because when I hear it I just get pulled in to the song and have so much fun. "Do it, do it, Chu˜. It's true true true true, it's you˜".
4minute-Whatcha Doin' Today: I chose this song because it just sounds like summer embodied in a song. I just automatically sway to the music when I hear it and if it just so happens to come on while I'm doing chores or something like that, I even enjoy that.
Sistar-I Swear: This is another love-y type songs like "Falling in Love" but you can't tell me that you've never wanted to just go on a trip with someone you care about and just have fun.
Younique Unit-Maxstep: This is my summer club song, if i ever went to a club. But I can turn any of my surroundings into a summer party with this song. I just love how hype it sounds, 'nough said.
Song Jieun-25: This song! I just love how colorful it sounds. I'm almost listening to rainbows. The song is just a liberating song, she even says,"Beautiful, young, and free." But to be completely honest, I just love how she can just pump you up with a song about her age. This song is underestimated in my opinion.
Beast-Beautiful Night: I just am awed by this song. If summer could go how we want it, I would party with them every night!
2YOON-24/7: This is a really cute "close your eyes and picture" type of songs. The dance is really cute too lol.
SHINee-View: Not only are their faces nice to look at but their voices are refreshing in this song. I put the dance version because I don't enjoy seeing SHINee be seduced by kidnappers in the video.
2Yoon, 4Minute, F(x), Sistar, Song Jieun, and 2NE1 are all favourites of mine!!! This list is awesome ^^
@MattK95 Thanks! I'm glad you think so.