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Anthony Vincent with Ten Second Songs is at it again with yet another 20 style YouTube music video. He rose to fame when he covered Mariah Carey's Christmas hit, "All I Want For Christmas Is You". So far he's covered artists such as Eminem, Linkin Park, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, and Jason Derulo. He does a combination of singing styles to hilarious impressions of hit TV stars. The video has almost 400,000 views. He's very talented and it's a no brainer that he finally covered the amazing Taylor Swift's, "Bad Blood".

So click 'play' and BE AMAZED.

Song Styles In Order Of Appearance :
1. Kendrick Lamar
2. The Rolling Stones
3. Shaggy
4. The Drifters (Ben E. King)
5. Def Leppard
6. TLC
7. Sepultura (Max Cavalera)
8. Grease The Musical
9. Black Sabbath
10. Eiffel 65
11. Tiny Tim
12. Chef (South Park)
13. Disturbed
14. Cyndi Lauper
15. Barney & Friends
16. Pearl Jam
17. Phil Collins
18. Coolio
19. Bad Religion
20. Janis Joplin
I love him. He is soo amazing.
This guy is so perfectly schizophrenic. Also I don't know what's killing it more - his t-shirt or his Ozzy Osbourne impression.