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If you haven't already heard about this AMAZING campaign, check out Huffington Posts article! As women living in an air brushed world, simple things like your thighs touching creates massive anxiety. Anyone remember the huge "thigh gap" craze a few months what the hell world?!
To combat these stupid standards of perfectly thin, slightly muscled, smooth sculpted legs, 25 brave women agreed to have their thighs photographed and were asked to explain them in one word.
And it rocked!

But then I read the comments and wanted to go die in a hole.

For some reason there is literally nothing women can do about their appearance that won't get criticized. So, like the body positive activist that I am, I decided to take some of the more gag worthy comments and point out why they are completely missing the point of the entire article!
I know that so many of us want to comment back to these haters and knock some education into their brains, so I decided to do just that, but in a factual, body positive way obviously.
Yes, I would love to speak about my dreams, fears, worries, and yet, I don't want to do that with a stranger. What I can't avoid are strangers constantly talking about my physical appearance. Lets be real, women are first judged based on looks NOT personality, so why can't we take back control of the conversation?!
Do not shame us for speaking positively about our looks. Our looks do not define us, but they are apart of us.
I appreciate that you believe women should be focusing on the big wide world, but don't you realize that this article is doing just that? Women are trying to make the world better by changing beauty standards that you might not believe exists, but they do. And side note, it is hard to enjoy a world where your physical appearance is under constant scrutiny, even when we try and love ourselves!
Damn Cheryl, you just suck. Good for you that you work out, but if you ever insult my legs like that in person, there will be in issue. The point of this article and the body positive movement is to discuss that there is no wrong way to have thighs, and you insulting them shows that this message completely went right over your head.
But my sweet baby Harold, you are totally missing the message. So what if women take pride in their appearance? So what if women like going to the gym? It really isn't any of your business. The point of this article is to love ALL bodies, even those that are lucky enough to fit into societies norm.
Just because women want to speak about their appearance does not make them superficial, and until you realize that self love is a huge factor in creating a NEW social construct of body positivity, you are only perpetuating the negative self image.
Great point guys. Really riveting stuff.
Comment sections are always so annoying! They are filled with so many trolls and hate that it can sometimes be overwhelming, but just know there are always body positive, self love women AND men here to defend the cause. Thanks Lucy!
Love yourself and the world will open up for you! Love yourself and you will be happier then you ever dreamed. Love yourself and see the change you will be making in the world.
A thy is just a thy... just a reflection... but seriously, I think that the point being missed is that the way someone feels about his or her body, is part of their personality, perhaps the most notable one, so yes, it's ok to judge people by their appearance, but not according to some unrealistic standards but by the way it reflects what they think of themselves.
Yeaaahh, everyone's so brave on the internet aren't they..
@orenshani7 I definitely second that! We should appreciate people for who they are- their good deeds and their kindness. Confidence is definitely noticeable, and I think projects like these (despite some of the negative comments the original article got) will encourage people to make the world a safer space for people to feel good about their bodies. Thanks @LizArnone for sharing!
@orenshani7 you said it so perfectly!! the way we feel about ourselves is apart of our personality and who we are! its ok to tell someone they are beautiful and strong and whatever else you want to say! and I agree just leave out the image of the unrealistic standards and it will all be good!
@danidee @shannonl5 exactly!! i seriously need to ignore the comments because they get me solo mad sometimes UGH lol now I'm mad again haha
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