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It was all about rebelling in the 1990s and the grunge style became the "look" for all rebelling teenagers. And guess what? Yep, it's coming back. The fashion rebellion style of the grunge style is having a comeback, but it's not just for rebelling teens anymore.
The 90s grunge fashion was all about looking like you didn't care at all about fashion. You wanted to look like you rolled out of bed, threw on the first thing that you found on your messy floor and ran out the door without brushing your hair or putting on makeup. The look was that you wanted to look like you didn't even try.
The modern grunge trend adds a little bit more thought to the fashion equation (think more grunge glam). It's still about looking effortlessly cool, but you might have to try a little bit to pull of this look. Here are some staple modern grunge pieces that will give off the effortlessly cool vibe.

Leather biker jacket

The leather biker jacket gives you just the right amount of edge and "don't f*** with me" vibe to help get you on your way to rocking the modern grunge look. Anything leather will get you that modern grunge vibe.

Oversized flannel shirt

Go raid your boyfriend's or your dad's closet (or buy one for yourself) for an oversized flannel shirt to keep the modern grunge trend going.

Graphic tees

Look for tees that have weird sayings or band logos to really complete the modern grunge look. 10 extra points if you wear a graphic tee with a band that your parents absolutely detest.

Combat boots

Keep the modern trend look going all the way to your toes with fashion combat boots. No, they wouldn't hold up at all in real combat, but the form gives off the grunge vibe. Make sure the boots have some hardware on them (zippers, buckles, etc.) to really give off that modern grunge vibe.
Here is some more fashion inspiration for how you can pull off the modern grunge look and still look like you showered.

Rock the grunge style and embrace your inner rebellious teenager!