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Se7en and Bom 馃槩馃槩馃槩
tbh this performance hits me so hard cuz like Bommie is my ultimate bias. i dont know what i would do if she doesnt show up this year. i'd be more than happy if she even just posts something on here social media accounts lol .. and se7en.... im not a big fan of him but ever since i heard that he didnt renew with yg, i miss him so much lol and thank got his coming back now (with his own record label) im so excited
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I love Bommie too, and I miss her so much :'( I am also looking forward to se7en's comeback and his record label ^^
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@MattK95 omg when I read on this girl's facebook that he was getting his own label, I didnt believe because she is always making jokes and stuff, but then I saw his Instagram and it was real. I've been listening to this song none stop since then lol
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@EdwinBermudez I'm certainly glad it's actually happening, I cannot wait!!!
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wow that is such a great performance I miss them both
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