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Just wanted to say hi! and introduce myself. Im a pretty random person, and into all sorts of things! I am currently in love with BIGBANG's new song Sober. I listen to a lot of different styles of music.
Ska Classic rock Metal Rockabilly/Psychobilly kpop punk jrock
I know, its very varied. but its usually those styles in any language. I'd like to make new friends, so feel free to add me. Still trying to figure out how to use this. Can we respond to comments? Edit: How do you respond to comments?
Ahh! I finally found the comment button. 馃槄 Thanks @ErinGregory and @Mattk95!
@PassTheSuga, thanks hahaha they didn't show up for me at first! Now I feel dumb lmfao xD
Welcome to vingle!
Lol @ErinGregory yuss they did! @xbadwolfx13 Welcome to Vingle!
@MattK95 Hahahaha I only thought to mention it because I was agonizing over the same thing last night/this morning lmao "Do I just type their name? Is there supposed to be an @ sign? What about a space, is there supposed to be a space?? 馃槰馃槻馃槺" lol that was pretty much me. And no problem @xbadwolfx13
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